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Dog trainer details

These terms and conditions are for clients of All Canine Matters (ACM) in regards to our dog training classes, individual training and behaviour consultations.

They are in the interest of safety, responsibility and welfare of our clients. We reserve the right to change these terms and condition at any time and any changes will take immediate effect.

It is the responsibility of clients to read and keep up dated with the latest terms and conditions.

We request all clients to complete our registration form in order to process bookings.


All client details are kept in confidence and not passed onto a third party for promotional use. Email addresses are used to inform clients of services and activities as well as current bookings and notes. If you would no longer like to receive emails from ACM please let us know or you can unsubscribe directly from emails. If you do unsubscribe you will no longer be on the list to receive class training notes.

Dog Training 

  • All dogs attending training must have up to date vaccination. This is for the safety of your dog as well as everyone else’s.

  • Any dog faeces passed at the training premises are the responsibility of their guardian to pick.

  • Dogs may never be left alone in cars whilst at training and we do not facilitate a second dog attending with you for group classes. Two spaces on a course may be booked and handled by separate person but it is not appropriate to bring two dogs with you and only work one of them.

  • At all times dogs should be kept on lead and away from contact with other people and dogs whilst on the premises unless explicitly told otherwise. If your dog or another dog is reacting (barking, pulling on the lead or trying to move away) then please increase the distance between yourself and the other dog.


  • During training we may take photographs or videos of dogs learning and family members may be captured in these photos. These are to be used in both educational and promotional materials. By agreeing to our terms and conditions you give consent for ACM to use these materials as stated above including on social media and on our website.

  • We will not use photos with children in unless agreed with their parents/guardians.


Dog training tools and toys

  • All stock we sell conforms with our force-free ethos. We are happy to discuss how to use different training tools and toys that we sell.

  • Once opened, in the interest of safety and disease control, items cannot be returned and refunded.

  • If items are not opened, we will accept under the 'returns & refund' policy.

  • No toys are indestructible and we cannot guarantee that dogs will not destroy toys. We always recommend that dogs are supervised when using toys.

Group Classes

  • Booking – Full payment to be made to secure your place on the course. Purchase from our website or a direct bank transfer can be arranged. Once the course has begun no refund is available, as your place can no longer be filled.

  • We will give you written confirmation of booking via email if you provide us with one. Including start time and dates of each class or if purchased through our website this will be on your receipt.

  • One weeks notification is required for a refund, a £10 admin fee will be applied.

  • Our group dog training classes consist of six set sessions, and we encourage attendance at all classes in the course.

  • We understand that personal commitments or illness may prevent attendance at a particular session. In such cases, you will receive notes for the missed week, but no partial refund will be issued.

  • If feasible, we may offer the option for you to attend (without your dog) on a missed week of another course, allowing you to understand the exercises.

  • Family members

    • We request that only 2 family members to attend training, to reduce distraction. T

    • Children are welcome but remain the responsibility of the accompanying adult.

    • If a child’s behavior disrupts the class or poses difficulties for any of the dogs, we may request their removal. Thus, we recommend at least two adults attend if bringing young children.

  • Classes are for dogs wishing to progress in general training. You must not knowingly book a dog who is reactive to dogs or people onto group training. If you have any questions over class suitability for your dog please talk to us. We can advise or do an assessment prior to class.

  • Positive off lead interactions can be a fantastic learning experience for dogs. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee a suitable mix in each class for this to always be possible.

  • On lead greetings are detrimental to most dogs and so please do not allow your dog to greet others when on lead.

Individual Training

  • Bookings for individual sessions will be confirmed via email, if given, and full payment must be taken at the end of your first session.

  • Multiple dogs from the same family can attend a single session but ideally at least one handler would be present for each dog and training can be limited with less exercises covered whilst working with multiple dogs.

  • If purchasing a bulk session of three hours to receive discount the booking must be made prior to the first session. Sessions cannot later be extended following the first appointment to gain discount on the first. A bulk purchase may be made at any point.  Payment for bulk booking must be paid at the end of the first session.

  • Travel costs may apply if outside 15 miles where we travel to meet you. Personalised quote can be obtained by contacting us.

  • Cancellations – if you need to cancel a session we can rearrange this to a suitable time given one weeks notice. Less than a weeks notice to delay a session and you may still be charged for the appointment, ACM may consider true emergencies on a one to one basis and reschedule without charge.


  • As seminars often book to capacity we can only secure your spot once full payment has been received through our website.

  • You will receive an email confirmation including date and time of the seminar, if you provide us with a valid email address.

  • Workshop spaces are non-refundable. If you are unable to attend, you have the option to sell your space to another participant.

  • Deposits may be required for certain events, and these deposits are non-refundable.

  • If an event needs to be canceled, a refund or credit will be provided.

Cancellation or Rearrangement of a Session

  • We reserve the right to cancel training sessions (group classes, individual training, seminars and behaviour consults) at our discretion. It is infrequent but if ACM may need to reschedule a session, such as in an emergency or due to adverse weather conditions including extreme heat, you will be offered a replacement date.

    • This will be a day suitable to you for individual training and behaviour consults.

    • For group classes a replacement date will be discussed. Up to two replacement sessions will be offered to accommodate all clients.

Illness and Injury

  • Bitches actively in heat (bleeding), should not attend training sessions.

    • It is unfair and distracting on other dogs.

    • She will also be less likely to cope with training during this period.

    • Home visits can continue as normal but the session may be limited.

  • This also goes for sick or injured dogs, including dogs who have been in contact with infectious diseases including Kennel Cough and Parvovirus.

  • If you are unsure if your dog should attend please talk to your vet and/or us.

  • We can rearrange any individual training to suit but if you are in group classes your dog may unfortunately miss classes due to this. You can still attend without your dog to maintain continuity of training. Replacement classes cannot be offered unfortunately as classes are limited to a maximum number of dogs per class.


  • We will not take responsibility for misinterpretation of advice. Many external factors influence behaviours and we cannot guarantee our training advice will be successful without controlling all of these other factors.

  • For behavioural problems a behaviour consultation is recommended to work to alter dangerous and stressful behaviours. Animal aggression can cause injury, including fatalities. Treatment for aggression is not a guarantee of success and modifying behaviour does not assure the aggression will be successfully controlled. It is your responsibility to ensure safety of people and other animals with regards to your pet. Safety precautions will be advised and may include; limited access to people/animals, being kept on lead, wearing a muzzle, use of gates around the home and other behavioural modification management strategies. We cannot take responsibility for behaviour of your dog outside of training sessions with us.

  • We strongly recommend all dog guardians have pet insurance including third party liability cover.

Training methodology

  • Only force-free, science based methods will be used during training.

  • No aversive training methods will be allowed including, but not limited to, the use of;

    • choke chains

    • half chokes

    • electric collars

    • spray collars

    • slip leads

    • tightening harnesses

    • prong collars

    • pet correctors.

  • Therefore any other method which causes pain or fear, or any item the trainer deems inappropriate are not allowed. If you do not comply we reserve the right to stop training without refund.

  • We also strongly recommend you do not use these methods when not training with us.

Intellectual Property Rights

  • All written, photographic, and video materials, including our website and logo, are the exclusive property of ALL CANINE MATTERS (ACM). These materials are protected by copyright and other intellectual property rights and laws. Distribution of these materials without prior written permission is strictly prohibited

  • By accessing our materials, including our website, you acknowledge and agree that you are using them for personal, non-commercial purposes only.

  • Please note that blogs and free-access videos have consent for unrestricted sharing.

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