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Dog Body Language

Canine Body Language Course

​This is NOT an online course or webinar. This is a LIVE STREAMED, fun, relaxed and interactive 4-hour workshop, where you will be able to ask questions and interact throughout. ​


What's Included:

  • 4-hour LIVE STREAM workshop

  • 84-page student e-manual

  • Printed Certificate of Completion

  • Digital Badge


​What You'll Learn:

You'll discover these 4 core principles, on how to read dog body language:

1. How to read the subtle signs.  We explore the dog's eyes, ears, mouth, hair, tail, and posture in detail. Exploring each individually.

2. Why emotion probably isn't what you think it is.  We will discuss the link between emotion and body language. What does aggression, fear, anxiety, or happiness look like in dogs? Can dogs really feel guilt?

3. How Dog-Dog Communication is easier to interpret than you think.  We look at how dogs communicate with one another, appropriate play, and how to pre-empt our dog's behavior.

4. Detailed Video Analysis.  We will put our new knowledge into practice through a detailed video analysis section of the workshop.


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